Woman standing in a cave holding a lantern

A Child of the Light vs. an Adult in the Dark

Without meaning to do it, too many of us adults have allowed culture to dictate the outcomes of not only our lives but also for those of our children.  Seriously, how wise is that?  Our children, biological or those on whom we focus who are not our own, are such precious gifts to this and the next generation.  So much rides on the physical, relational, and spiritual health of these generation-starters.

Why do you think our culture has changed so much over the last 20 years?  Of course it has been changing for a long time, but it seems the rate of change has increased exponentially.  I don’t mean all the change has been bad.  In fact, this generation of young men and women seem to be very interested, I am told, in authenticity and “getting real”.   I have two problems with that statement:

1.  I am a “Baby Boomer” at 65 years old, but I remember as a young man looking for the same thing – authenticity, getting real, and find somebody who really means what they say….even if I disagree with what they say.

2. The idea that this new group of students and young adults have had their view of “real” messed with.  Their idea of “real” marriage, parenting, faith, debt, morality, sex, health care, government, and a host of other topics is a million miles from where it was when I was their age.  Again, some of their ideas may be better than my older ones.

The real issue about “getting real” is getting to the reality of an accurate view of God and of the way He sees each of us.  How real is our understanding of God in light of Who He really is?  How real is our view of others and even our own identity, based on fact versus fiction.

This world has fed them and us a line of fiction that is not funny, though humor may have been involved in the unintentionally intentional crafting of the fictional views of God and self.  The intent of our enemy, Satan, is clearly revealed in scripture.  He hates everything God loves and seeks to “steal, kill, and destroy”.  Have you noticed that the humor and other advertising tools used in many media outlets is more crude, more sexual, or more agenda-driven than ever?

So in our process of getting real, would you join me in getting really serious about getting to know Jesus as He really is, then loving God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength?  Could we discover how God sees us and others, so we can love others as we love ourselves?  Could we find ways to help our children see and become skilled in His love, as we model a growing relationship with our spouse, family, and others?

Let’s make sure that we are “children of the light” rather than “adults in the dark”, who are equipping the next generation to see clearly the difference between the two outcomes.