Basic Idea Ministries

Basic Idea Ministries (BIM) has been serving individuals, couples, churches, and organizations since 2010, when Dave and Carol Lewis launched the ministry as TBI (The Basic Idea Ministries).  After dissolving the non-profit status in 2018, TBI re-formed as Basic Idea Ministries (BIM), a sole proprietorship with Helping Hands Ministry of Tallulah Falls, GA as our umbrella, non-profit.  

Our mission is to "help leaders live loved and give love freely...starting at home".

Tax Deductible donations should be made to

Helping Hands Ministry

P.O. Box 337; 135 Main Street

Tallulah Falls, GA 30573


Please note that our Ministry Project name is "Dave Lewis-Basic Idea Ministries".



Donations made to BIM can be sent in the form of a check, bank e-check, or credit card donation.  Please find instructions on our Donation page. then choose "Donate"


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