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52 Week Plan – Acceptance

 Need of the Week: Acceptance In Parenting/Family Relationships   Receiving others willingly and unconditionally (even when their behavior has been imperfect) and loving them in spite of any differences that may exist between you. Romans 15:7   A.  What About the Kids?  – They have “needs” too! (Acceptance) 1.  Think of a time that your Children […]

52 Week Plan- Acceptance

Acceptance in the Family of God – now there’s an idea ! You already know how much is at stake when it comes to our acceptance and loving each other, right?  Let’s talk about what characterizes acceptance inside the family of Christ’s ­followers. Have you seen clear examples of acceptance among believers – done well […]

52 Week Plan: Acceptance

 Our focus: Acceptance In Marriage Many of us have a tough time separating acceptance of a person from not accepting the person’s behavior.  Of course…it is easy to accept – have a positive, favorable response to – a person when his/her behavior is what we’d hoped. But, what do we do to show our spouse […]

Complete Trust

Principle 4: Complete Trust – Knowing God’s love replaces fear and insecurity with growing faith and confidence in him. (Proverbs 3:5,6 Basic Principle by Questions After thinking of a person in whom you have (have had) a great deal of trust, would you list a couple of reasons why you trust/trusted them? Please list more […]

Make Peace

Principle 8: Make Peace – Be free to love people and show them how to love. (Matthew 5:9) Basic Principle by Questions When you love someone, what are some ways you show it? When the person you love asks you to do something significant, what is your typical response? What has God asked / told […]