Ah, ah, ah, ah, Stayin' Alive - Feelin' Alive


Have you heard people say how some activity or person or experience "made me feel alive"?   Have you also noticed that those things are very illusive for some?


As I have been sifting through some thoughts, scriptures, and life experiences, I am pondering the following "conclusions":


Before Adam sinned, I believe he and Eve knew - better than we - what it meant to "feel alive".  Though it is speculation on my part, I believe it is “educated speculation”, that they knew God's love and closeness; they enjoyed and were grateful to God for life, food, meaningful work, beauty, animals, sunrise, sunsets, etc.  I think those things and more, all experienced within the atmosphere of God's love for them, made them feel alive.  


Fast forward to today and our present condition to observe that much of what makes folks “feel alive” or “feel alive again” is somehow sin related.  Feeling alive has come to be associated with fun, thrill, or pleasure.


My thoughts are that many more activities and relationships would be (and were before the fall) fun, thrilling, and enjoyable if we felt more as Jesus feels, thought as He thinks, and loved as He loves.  The Savior whose joy was so great that He could give us all joy that our “joy may be full”, whose love was so life-giving that His love is the hallmark of our discipleship, and whose hope, comfort, peace, gentleness, goodness, faithfulness, meekness and self-control bring such satisfaction to the soul that “feeling alive” can be a consistent – if not constant – state of being for the Christ-follower.


Simply put - "knowing true love from God, for Him, and sharing that love with others - family and beyond – bring us to life to feel what “feeling alive” is supposed to be.  Another way to state it is “the abundant life” Jesus promised brings us to life and keeps us alive with purpose and hope for even better days.  


That life zeal - though harder to come by- is thrilling in more ways than the fix Satan offers with his cheap substitutes that feel life-giving but only "give pleasure for a season " and result in the death, theft, and destruction of abundant life and relationships.


I’m Just sayin' 



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Dating Your Spouse Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet: Get to know your spouse! Heart Images - Public Domain Pictures - Page 1

Print out, Grab your honey and go a fun date to fill them out together! When they are complete, exchange your cheat sheets! You will then hold a little treasure in your hand that you can check back to anytime you need a little “hint” about your spouse to plan a date or a gift!



Candy 🍭:

Dessert 🍦:

Cereal 🥄:

Drink 🍹:

Scent 👃:

Sports Team ⚾:

Restaurant 🍴:

Meal 🍳:

😎Thing to do together? Alone?

Store 👜:

Type of surprise 😮



Shirt 👕:

Pants 👖:

Shoe 👟:

Ring 💍:




Personal 😁:

As a couple 👫:

Family 👪:

How I feel loved:


Biggest challenge right now:


Prefer dinner in or out:


What I need most when I have had a hard day:


Biggest pet peeve:


One item on your bucket list:


Most proud of:


Biggest weakness:


Dream job:


Perfect date:


Top 3 needs:


What legacy do you want to leave?

How have you grown/changed in the past 5 years?

If you had an entire day to yourself, what would you do?

How do you like to be greeted when you come home?


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Really Real Reality. No, Really, I Mean It!

Really Real Reality.  No, Really, I Mean It!


My hope is that each of us will come to appreciate the way God designed us, as people who are ultimately dependent on Him for any and all resources to meet our needs, but are also built with the capacity to meet needs for others.  Another way to think about it is through Jesus’ words:  “Freely you have received; freely give.”  (Matthew 10:8)  In this passage Jesus was sending His disciples out to do miracles that He had empowered them to do.  I believe the application to us is personal and real.


God is the source of “every good gift and every perfect gift” and the One Who supplies “everything we need for life and godliness”.  He is also the One Who supplies “everything we need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus”, as well as, the One Who “give us life and breath and everything else we need”.  (James 1: 17, 2 Peter 1, Philippians 4:19, and Acts 17:25)


Since Jesus empowered the early disciples to do miracles of healing and resurrection and showed a skeptical culture the power of God at work, why wouldn’t He demonstrate His miracle power through us today?  A skeptical culture may be awakened by miracles, but perhaps not always miracles of physical healing.  Maybe the miracles of changed lives in born-again believers, who live increasingly in the love and truth of Jesus, are the miracles God has “freely given” so we can “freely give” real-time examples to a world where love is growing cold.  


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A Child of the Light vs. An Adult in the Dark

Without meaning to do it, too many of us adults have allowed culture to dictate the outcomes of not only our lives but also for those of our children.  Seriously, how wise is that?  Our children, biological or those on whom we focus who are not our own, are such precious gifts to this and the next generation.  So much rides on the physical, relational, and spiritual health of these generation-starters. 

Why do you think our culture has changed so much over the last 20 years?  Of course it has been changing for a long time, but it seems the rate of change has increased exponentially.  I don't mean all the change has been bad.  In fact, this generation of young men and women seem to be very interested, I am told, in authenticity and "getting real".   I have two problems with that statement: 

1.  I am a "Baby Boomer" at 65 years old, but I remember as a young man looking for the same thing - authenticity, getting real, and find somebody who really means what they say....even if I disagree with what they say.

2. The idea that this new group of students and young adults have had their view of "real" messed with.  Their idea of "real" marriage, parenting, faith, debt, morality, sex, health care, government, and a host of other topics is a million miles from where it was when I was their age.  Again, some of their ideas may be better than my older ones.

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