Chapter 16: Become Friends, Lovers and Saints through Intimacy Disciplines

Become Friends, Lovers and Saints through Intimacy Disciplines

An entire chapter of practical applications to help you connect with one another Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically—An Unbelievable Resource and a Great Refresher Course!

  • Friends – You will find great resources to help you continue progress for deepening a heart-connection to your spouse.
  • The tools described review several key principles and assignments from earlier chapters.
  • Well-executed, simple Marriage Staff Meetings are key to continued growth in communication.
  • Lovers – It is difficult at times to find balanced resources to help couples grow in the area of sexual intimacy. This chapter offers some that are balanced and effective.
  • Explaining grace and its benefits assists couples as they experience spiritual intimacy resulting in deepening gratefulness for God's great love and for one another.
  • Foundational to this study and the experience of intimacy on every level is the truth – the Living Truth, Jesus Christ and the written truth of the Bible.
  • Developing the discipline of knowing and experiencing truth helps us live life abundantly.
  • As we experience God's Word, we come to love our Savior even more, wish to bless Him, and express His love more clearly to our spouse, family, and others.
  • Suggestion: Re-mark the inventory from Chapter 1. See how the numbers have changed. Use the results to plan, celebrate, pray, worship God, get help, etc.
  • Perhaps once or twice a year you could re-take that inventory or another one that you like better, providing a great way to assess and communicate about the health of your marriage.
  • Consider adding these questions as part of your marriage health assessment: See the inventory in Chapter 1 and respond using the same system -
    • I am very helpful with the chores around the house.
    • I spend money appropriately and according to our plan.
    • When I see my spouse having to work too hard on his/her responsibilities, I find ways to lighten the load.
    • We are partners in rearing our children or in dealing with not having children.
    • We work as a team when it comes to making decisions that impact our marriage or our family.


Small Group Questions

  • Which of the areas of intimacy (Friends, Saints, or Lovers) will require the greatest effort on your part to make or continue making progress?
  • Which one will require the least effort?
  • What resources or principles from Chapter 16, the IE workbook, or other material will be helpful to you as you seek to become a better friend, saint, or lover?
  • How would you describe the changes in you personally as a result of investing in this class, workbook, conference, or small group?
  • List 2 or 3 insights you have learned about your relationships to God, to your spouse, to your family of origin, and with yourself.
  • How effective would journaling or keeping a diary be in helping you maintain progress in your marriage?
  • What do YOU need to help you focus more often and more intently on your marriage?
  • What part in all this intimacy talk does your relationship to God play?
  • How does Jesus Christ fit into your plan for greater love in your marriage, family, and life?
  • What would you like to do to help other couples have great marriages or help singles have a better chance at an abundant marriage?