Complete Trust

Principle 4: Complete Trust – Knowing God’s love replaces fear and insecurity with growing faith and confidence in him.
(Proverbs 3:5,6

Basic Principle by Questions

  1. After thinking of a person in whom you have (have had) a great deal of trust, would you list a couple of reasons why you trust/trusted them?
  2. Please list more qualities or attributes of others whom you are willing to trust.
  3. What are some “everyday” examples of trust and the different levels of trust?
  4. Does God want to be trusted? How do you know?
  5. Why do some people not trust God?
  6. If you knew God loved you as much as His own Son Jesus, how would that enhance your ability to trust Him?
  7. If people have been hurt deeply, how might that impact their willingness to trust God?
  8. If a person has done things for which they still feel guilty or can’t seem to forgive either themselves or God, how might that impact that person’s trust in God?
  9. In your experience, what do people do to deal with wrongs they have done?
  10. How effective are those methods of dealing with guilt or feelings involved with wrong treatment of others? Did the means of coping they employed work? How long?
  11. If others have not loved you well, does that change God’s love for you?
  12. How would a person’s ability to really believe in God or trust Him be impacted by a series of unsuccessful attempts to deal with guilt or with pain?
  13. What has God done or could He do to let you know how deeply He loves you?
  14. Is it important to trust God? Why or why not?
  15. How does your life – thoughts, feelings, choices, and behavior reflect your trust in God?

Irreducible Minimums

  • As we experience God’s love, our trust grows in His truthfulness and awesome character. (Ephesians 3: 17 -19)
  • The other things (false gods) we have used to try to find happiness will fail us and leave us insecure about the future because they can’t deliver and don’t love us as God does. (Psalm 135: 15 -18)
  • Prison of Fear and Insecurity: Looking to things or people rather than God to be completely trustworthy and provide us with ultimate security stops love from growing in us or flowing to us.
  • The love of God is greater than we have experienced and His promises are trustworthy. (Ephesians 3: 20 -21)
  • God keeps His promises and can be trusted now and eternally. (2 Peter 1: 3 -4)