Financial Policy

Financial Policy:

At The Basic Idea Ministries our desire is to serve you with quality ministry as God provides the opportunity, the volunteers, and the financial resources.  Our trust is in God’s provision to meet our financial needs through both honorariums paid by those we serve and donations from generous supporters and partnering organizations.


How To Support The Basic Idea Ministries Financially

          • Contribute to TBI through donations (See Donation tab)
          • Request that your church/denomination/organization/movement contribute to TBI via the organization’s budget (i.e., as a line item in the Missions area)
          • Publicize TBI Ministries to your church/organization, especially to those who have participated directly in or benefited from a TBI-developed ministry.  Encourage them to contribute to TBI using non-tithe dollars.
          • When you purchase Intimate Encounters / Relationship Press resources and use the following directions, TBI Ministries will receive a quarterly donation from RP.

Order forms are located at or click on any of the Relationship Press resources widgets on our website.

Type RP-TBI (all caps) in the Affiliate Code blank on the order form
Choose “TBI- Dave Lewis” in the Source menu on the order form