Relationship-building Conferences/Workshops

Relationship-building Conferences for Singles and Couples

Marriage ConferencesFor far too long couples, married or thinking-about-marriage, have had to “do the best they can” in their relationships based primarily on responses to what they saw growing up.  What they saw made impressions and "taught" relationship skills.  Some of what they saw was very helpful, but for too many it was very inadequate for preparing them for healthy relationships.  We at BIM think relationships and marriage are too important to leave to "just doing the best we can". At Basic Idea Ministries (BIM) we’ve learned several key principles that thousands of couples have successfully applied and experienced tremendous positive changes.  Our staff would love to have the opportunity to share these principles with you.

When individuals / couples look for relational support or marriage help, one of the first questions they ask is “Where can I find an equipping conference?” At Basic Idea Ministries, relational conferences and workshops are key ingredients in the process of establishing a great relationship. Most people are not looking for a magic wand as much as they are looking for solid relationship and communication principles to apply.

The questions we address at our relational conferences – workshops – retreats are the following:

  • How do I remove the barriers hindering our relationship?
  • How do we fulfill our God-given roles as, friends, husband and wife, parents?
  • What keys to healthy communication can we experience daily?
  • How can I respond in love and be truthful at the same time?
  • What can I do to keep love alive and growing?
  • What does Jesus mean by “loving one another as He loved us”?

We are aware that a conference/workshop is not the only ingredient in a recipe for building a strong relationship or preventing problems in the relationship; but it can be an effective environment where we break the cycle of unhealthy patterns. We can experience deeper levels of communication and mutual care that prepare us to engage new skills and healthy habits for a hopeful future.  When we achieve the goal of healthy relationships, the world is a better place and our lives, more successful.

Changing lives and changing legacies lead to a change in the community and, consequently, a change in our culture. Very few would assert that our culture is just fine as it is. We, all of us, need to see more examples of God’s love being lived powerfully behind the closed doors of our homes, as well as, in the public arenas. We all want to see loving relationships lived before our children and grandchildren, so that they will have clear examples of God’s love. We at BIM have become one of the ministries in which God is working to accomplish miracles of healing in relationships:  friendships, marriages, and families.  None of is perfect, nor do we have perfect lives, but by God's grace we see progress, growth, deepening intimacy, and God's love on display.

May we at BIM serve you by scheduling a relationship conference?   Simply email me at  A BIM staff member will contact you within a few days.