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At TBI Ministries we believe that there must be more churches and organizations intentionally, effectively preparing singles and equipping married couples for successful, love-filled relationships. Our observation in the 11 countries where we have served is that in too many places culture changes the church instead of the church changing the culture. People need to find a place where love is powerfully lived, strategically taught, and contagiously caught from leaders whose marriages, though imperfect, serve as worthy models for children, the church, and the community.

TBI desires to walk with churches or organizations to implement relevant marriage ministries and lay the foundation for building a team of healthy couples and families.  With the pastor/leader couple at the helm this team can lead the church and community in key areas of relational health, powerfully modeling the love of Jesus in real time. This is a “top-down” approach, where the pastor/leader couple (top) leads by example to develop effective marriage ministries for the church and community (down).  In this phase of TBI ministry we help the Participant Couple and their church prepare and engage in the first complete marriage ministry cycle.

Would developing an effective marriage ministry serve the families in your community?

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    Start A Marriage Ministry
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