Who Are We?

Dave and Carol Lewis - The Basic IdeaOur Family

Hi, I am Dave Lewis, the founder of TBI Ministries. The pictures you see on this page are of my wife Carol and me and of our entire family.  They were taken on our vacation in the summer of 2013. Carol and I were married in 1972 and have 3 children and 7 grandchildren. I turned 64 this summer.

Our Experience

Experiencing God’s love has brought significant change in our own marriage and family. As a result of the impact of Jesus’ love and truth, we have been given many opportunities to serve churches, families, and individuals all over the world. Since our experiences with Intimate Life Ministries in 1994, we have led marriage conferences and helped develop marriage ministries in several countries:  Pakistan, Romania, Mexico, Bosnia, Brazil, Croatia, Honduras, Rwanda, India, Kenya, and the U.S.  God has been faithful to move powerfully in each country among pastors, leaders, and volunteers.

Why TBI?

We started The Basic Idea Ministries (TBI) in September of 2010 in order to answer a clear call to help establish God’s love firmly in the homes of pastors and leader couples using a mentoring model. After working for 30+ years teaching school and in church-related ministry, we have concluded that not only are pastors and Christian leaders in dangerous positions due to the pressures of ministry and spiritual warfare, but also they are in a unique position to impact culture with the love of Christ. So, God has called us to do ministry “top-down”. As a friend of mine described it, “TBI is a ‘one-to-many’ ministry. Reach the pastor’s family and impact many.”

Simple Mission

The Dave Lewis FamilyAn important lesson I learned as a staff member for 9 years at North Point Ministries was to “keep things simple”.  “Helping pastors and leaders live loved and give love freely… starting at home” summarizes the simple mission we believe God has called us to complete. Pastor/leader couples need help.  We, Carol and I, needed help and healing in our relationship almost twenty years ago. We prayed and God answered with a powerful change that started at a conference, resulted in a year of focused learning, and continues today in a growing, hope-filled marriage.  We praise Him for the miracles we experience! We, Dave and Carol Lewis, believe that Christ’s life-changing love must be evident in our marriage.   Our children and grandchildren must see for themselves as Carol and I love God, each other, and them, thus laying a foundation of authenticity to share Christ’s love and Good News with others.  Vibrant faith and abundant love are caught as much or more than they are taught.

Jesus is Able

We want to build – by God’s favor – a worldwide network of empowered couples who experience growing love in their marriage; communicate God’s love to their families, churches, and communities; and equip others to do the same.

Do you know those who would benefit from The Basic Idea Ministries?

  • We appreciate your prayer support and invite you to encourage pastor/leader couples to contact TBI if they need marriage help currently or want to invest now to avoid problems later.
  • If your church leaders want to invest in the pastor’s marriage, we’d like to help.
  • If your church or denomination needs a more effective way of building the marriages and families of its leaders and the community, contact us and let’s see if God would allow us to partner with you.

If you want to know more, please visit the rest of our website, and be sure to contact us if you have questions.

By the way, in case you were wondering, we wanted to let you know that the song, “The Basic Idea”, you heard or may hear on the website was written by our son, with help from one of our daughters, and was recorded by all three of our children:  Paul Lewis, Suzanne Adams, and Jeanne Lewis.