The Basic Idea

What We Do

Imagine that you and your spouse (or spouse to be) have received the mentoring and training necessary to establish an abundant marriage and a love-filled home.  What impact would that have on your day-to-day attitude toward life?  What legacy would that leave for your children and others who would observe a loving, biblical marriage that God designed for us to experience?  That is what we are trusting God to do each day through the Encourager Couples at The Basic Idea Ministries.

We get involved in marriage mentoring, building marriage ministries, creating marriage conferences, marriage retreats, marriage workshops, developing teams of dedicated volunteers, and equipping more Encourager Couples.

Marriage Resources

Having a great marriage is usually not the result of a weekend focus or a sermon series.  Those events are helpful but not enough to overcome past failures and a lack of relationship skills.  We need an ongoing process of varied environments and resources.  Weekly – the 52 Week Plan comes to your email inbox with simple questions and ideas to discuss and experience during a 5 minute talk over a quick cup of coffee or on a date night with just the two of you.  Marriage retreats and workshops, marriage classes or small groups, online marriage discussions, and couple-to-couple mentoring are just a few of the environments we offer to get you in a process to progress.

How Can You Help?

If marriage is a big deal to God, and it is, then certainly we could find ways to join Him and support what He is doing and has been doing since Adam and Eve.

  • Pray – Please pray for us and join our Prayer Team and receive our monthly prayer calendars.
  • Donate – You could help us financially to continue to invest in kingdom-building marriage ministries and personal mentoring.
  • Volunteer – You and your spouse could join us by becoming an Encourager Couple with TBI.

Contact us and ask us how….it is a great way to invest in other couples and families to the glory of God and for reaching the next generation for Christ.  What better way than to build the army of leaders and families we need by beginning at the home front?  I can’t think of a better one.


How Can We Help?


A. Activate Marriage Mentoring 

A TBI mentor couple walks alongside a pastor/leader couple to encourage them towards relational abundance. This mentoring process lasts approximately 3 to 4 months and consists of about 40 hours of mentoring.

B. Build Marriage Ministry

A TBI representative works with a church or organization to create a marriage ministry centered around the needs of couples in that church or organization. This usually consist of 20 hours of TBI involvement over 2 to 3 months

C. Create Marriage Conferences & Marriage Retreats:

You may choose to plan a conference as a part of the marriage ministry strategy. We supply the presenter, facilitators, and suggest materials for the conference.

D. Develop Teams of Dedicated Volunteers: 

TBI would love to help empower volunteer leaders to become relationally healthy, as well as , adequately equipped for service. Developing this volunteer team can take from 1 ½ to 2 years, includes approximately 20 hours of TBI oversight and involves consistent contact from our TBI phone coaches.

E. Equip Couples to Be TBI Mentors:

We want to equip couples who desire to be TBI mentors to then engage them as Encourager Couples in ministry to reach other couples, churches, and communities.