Basic Idea Ministry

What We Do

What difference would it make if you had received the mentoring and training necessary to establish growing, joyful relationships?      What if you could establish and enjoy an increasingly love-filled home, deep friendships, and vulnerable community with others?  You may have those abundant relationships in your life right now.  I hope you do.  But too many don't and don't know how.  What impact would a healthy measure of loving, abundant relationships have on your day-to-day attitude about your own personal value, your work, marriage, family, ministry involvement, and, well, even your faith?  How would you feel about the legacy you would leave for others, if you did a great job of loving "the Lord your God with all your heart... and others as yourself"?  That is what we at BIM are trusting God to do each day in us personally and through us as we equip others. 

We get involved in mentoring, building relationship ministries, creating relational and marriage workshops, developing teams of dedicated volunteers for service, and equipping more friends of the ministry to expand their reach, so loving others with the love of Jesus becomes much more widely spread in this world...starting at home - mine and yours.  


Relationship (Singles, Marrieds) Resources

Having great relationships (single or married) is usually not the result of an isolated sermon series, a weekend workshop, or reading another book on the subject.  Those resources can be very helpful, but in most cases they are simply not enough to overcome unresolved conflicts or the lack of relationship skills.  We need an ongoing process of varied environments and great resources, don't we?  Basic Idea Ministries works to create events, recommend resources, AND build effective processes for individuals, couples, and churches, who want healthy, loving relationships.  Our mission is to "help leaders (you and me) live loved and give love freely...starting at home... on the way to building a "process for progress".  We may never be able to maintain perfect love relationships, but by God's grace and wisdom, we can and will make progress toward loving as Jesus loves.

How Can We Help?

A. Activate Relationship Mentoring for Couples and/or Singles

A Basic Idea Ministries (BIM) representative mentors others and walks alongside others to encourage them towards relational abundance. This mentoring process may last a few weeks or a few years as needed.  

B. Build Relational Ministry for Couples and/or Singles

A BIM representative works with churches and organizations to create relationship ministries centered around the needs of individuals and/or couples inside that organization and beyond.

C. Create Relationship Workshops for Marrieds and/or Singles

You may choose to plan a workshop as a part of a relational ministry strategy or simply as a means of focusing attention on relationships and their key role in our lives. We supply the presenter, help build the structure, and suggest materials for the workshop.

D. Develop Teams of Dedicated Volunteers: 

At BIM we enjoy helping empower the volunteers in your organization/church to become relationally healthy, as well as , adequately equipped for service. Developing this volunteer team can take a longer time of engagement with BIM, but we are willing to join you in "equipping saints for the works of service".

E. Equip Couples to Be BIM Mentors:

We want to equip even more individuals and couples who desire to be associated with Basic Idea Ministries.  Our current mentors and Encouragers will walk with you to prepare you as a relationship mentor, an Encourager.