TBI Questionnaire

we_can_help_1Please read before completing this questionnaire:

  • Both husband and wife must complete a separate questionnaire
  • Do not compare answers or complete questionnaire together
  • ALL questions require an answer. Enter “N/A” if an item does not apply
  • Please submit questionnaires within a few days of each other
  • After receiving both questionnaires, TBI will respond via email


  • The information you submit via this questionnaire will be used by The Basic Idea Ministries staff to assess how / if we can be of service or as part of the process for your becoming a TBI Encourager. If it is determined that we can form a ministry relationship with you and your spouse, the Encourager Couple or Staff member assigned to you will be given your responses to help formulate a ministry plan. We will not share your responses with your spouse or anyone outside TBI Ministries unless you indicate an obvious life-threatening situation for you, your spouse, or others. Should you and your spouse decide to use TBI Ministries along with a counselor or therapist and want your information shared with the professional, then we will request that both you and your spouse sign a “Release of Information” form with your counselor and have his/her office notify us at dave.lewis@old2.thebasicidea.org.