Young couple on a date together

Dating Your Spouse: Cheat Sheet!

Cheat Sheet: Get to know your spouse! Heart Images - Public Domain Pictures - Page 1

Print out, Grab your honey and go a fun date to fill them out together! When they are complete, exchange your cheat sheets! You will then hold a little treasure in your hand that you can check back to anytime you need a little “hint” about your spouse to plan a date or a gift!




Candy 🍭:

Dessert 🍦:

Cereal 🥄:

Drink 🍹:

Scent 👃:

Sports Team ⚾:

Restaurant 🍴:

Meal 🍳:

😎Thing to do together? Alone?

Store 👜:

Type of surprise 😮




Shirt 👕:

Pants 👖:

Shoe 👟:

Ring 💍:




Personal 😁:

As a couple 👫:

Family 👪:


How I feel loved:


Biggest challenge right now:


Prefer dinner in or out:


What I need most when I have had a hard day:


Biggest pet peeve:


One item on your bucket list:

Most proud of:


Biggest weakness:


Dream job:


Perfect date:


Top 3 needs:


What legacy do you want to leave?


How have you grown/changed in the past 5 years?


If you had an entire day to yourself, what would you do?


How do you like to be greeted when you come home?