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Chapter 11: Leave your Father and Mother

Chapter Summary You have to leave before you can cleave!  Understanding what needs went unmet in childhood (list of 30 needs on pgs 129-131) and of course, Genograms. In Genesis 2:24 there seems to be an order mentioned in the process of establishing a marriage:  leaving parents, cleaving to spouse, becoming one flesh. Becoming one […]

Chapter 12: Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

Chapter Summary Facing the hurt, understanding the truth and forgiving the offender (even when you don’t want to—see pg 153!).  Also, Therapeutic Letter Writing and the idea that you may need to periodically repeat the Confession-Forgiveness exercises. Having prepared your heart for this chapter by paying adequate attention to the principles of the previous chapters […]

Chapter 13: Break Free from Unhealthy Thinking

Chapter Summary Polarizing, Magnifying, Personalizing, Generalizing, Emotional Reasoning, and Minimizing (with great suggestions for helping you overcome each!) Similar to Chapter 9 in style this chapter deals with our own unhealthy thinking patterns. The six named thinking patterns are identified and you will assess to see which, if any, fit your style. Each fall into […]

Chapter 14: Establish a Vision for your Marriage and Family

Chapter Summary Goal setting and decision-making.  Includes instructions for your Goal Setting Retreat. Proverbs 29:18 provides a simple foundation for goal setting and having a vision Without an idea of what we want tomorrow we won’t know if our current path is leading us to our vision Paul meant what he said in Ephesians 3:20 […]

Chapter 15: Walking Together through the *Stages of Marriage Intimacy

Chapter Summary The four stages of the Family Life Cycle: *New Love (couples with no children), *Shared Love (couples with children), *Mature Love (couples with teenagers until last child has left home) *Renewed Love (from “empty nest” forward). You will be asked to complete a short self-assessment for each stage. The self-assessment includes topics that […]

Chapter 16: Become Friends, Lovers and Saints through Intimacy Disciplines

Chapter Summary An entire chapter of practical applications to help you connect with one another Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically—An Unbelievable Resource and a Great Refresher Course! Friends – You will find great resources to help you continue progress for deepening a heart-connection to your spouse. The tools described review several key principles and assignments from […]